Keeping Up With Tahoe

What To Do in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is special, simply, because it’s beautiful. It has beautiful mountains.  The lake, itself, is as blue and crisp as you can get. Lake Tahoe Emerald BayThere is so much natural beauty and so much activity for any type of person to take part in. There are two kinds of weather, snowing/powder and sunny.  These are the two most ideal situations for skiing and snowboarding. In the winter, there are people who come from all over the world.  Tahoe is popular with Europeans.  The San Francisco bay area is a big influence. People who are traveling to Lake Tahoe are basically buying one weekend of a Ski Bum’s real life.

Eating in Lake Tahoe

Because Lake Tahoe appeals to year round vacationers, there are great restaurants that not only cater to the tourists, but also serve to locals.

Lake Tahoe Rude Brothers

Rude Brothers, South Lake Tahoe

Rude Brothers Bagels serves up specialty bagels.  The “Rude Awakening” is the famous bacon, egg, and cheese.  It is the perfect meal to get you geared for the slopes.  Everything is baked fresh every day and they are open early. Manzanita At The Ritz-Carlton took the influence of being in a mountain resort to create their menu.  The types of foods and servings cater toward a more active lifestyle.  They advertise a Northern California style cuisine that is a Mediterranean-Italian influence, but made with sustainable products.  If the products are not in season, then they are not using them.

Lake Tahoe Manzanita Restaurant

Manzanita Restaurant, Lake Tahoe

Phenomenal food paired with amazing food and service provides an overall great experience. Cottonwood restaurant is located in a structure built in the late 1800’s made out of salvaged railroad ties and it served as the warming hut for the town of Truckee ski hill.  This was truly Sierra-Nevada’s first ski resort.  It is one of the icons of the valley.  It has great views and one-of-a-kind menu items such as their quail. This lively spot features locals playing live music, with good people enjoying great meals.

Places To See Lake Tahoe

Donner Memorial State Park has a number of attractions for visitors to see.  Family campground, Donner Lake, and the story of the Donner party all serve as a trip down history lane. The Donner Memorial is a must see as it holds a rich history to the settling of this beautiful, yet sometimes harsh environment.  The memorial pedestal is said to be about as tall as the snow was the year the Donner party arrived.

Heavenly Ski Resort, South Lake Tahoe

Heavenly Ski Resort, South Lake Tahoe

Heavenly Mountain Resort is 4800 acres of great skiing and snowboarding.  You just can’t beat the views of Lake Tahoe from the top of Heavenly.  Offering full panorama gives Heavenly an epic edge over the neighboring mountain resorts. Skyline trail links the California and Nevada state borders giving skiers and snowboarders access to cross the state border in style.  You can actually complete a 5 mile descent from the top of the mountain to the bottom of Nevada. Squaw Valley Ski Resort has an incredible legacy.  Most notably is the fact that it played host to the Winter Olympics in 1960. Since then, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows have grown to be some of the premier mountain destinations in all of North America. The night skiing at Squaw Valley is real special and has become a novelty.  It serves one of the longest runs for night skiing in North America.  At 3.2 miles it’s enough to tire your legs out.

Night Life Lake Tahoe

Himmel Haus is a German restaurant and beer house.  They serve authentic German cuisine, lots of German beers and Belgian beers.  The staff is extremely knowledgeable about beers and they often suggest great pairings of beer and entrees. What you may see is people drinking really large beers which is German style.  The weekends offer live music or DJ and the place can get really lively. Boogie Nights is a 70’s and 80’s dance club located inside the Lake Tahoe Mont Bleu Resort & Casino.  You can dance to 70’s and 80’s music all night long on the lit up dance floor.  You’re going to hear music from all the top artists of the 70’s and 80’s. What separates South Lake Tahoe from other ski destinations is the 24 hour nightlife.  It’s kind of like Las Vegas, with skiing and snowboarding added in. Moody’s Bistro Bar and Beats creates a more urban environment in an otherwise rural landscape.  It’s a rare place where you can go to see world-class music and enjoy a world-class meal. Moody’s not only offers great food, but it’s also a hot spot of Truckee.  The music is outstanding and creates a unique, funky atmosphere. Lake Tahoe is a beautiful, world-class destination.  That’s why people having been coming from all over the world.  There’s so many things to do.  Nature is a pretty amazing thing and Tahoe puts you smack in the middle of it.  

Travel in the Sierra Mountain Range

When planning a trip to California, you must make it a point to visit the Sierra Mountain Range.

Considered to be one of the premium highlights of the whole state of California, you must not want to miss it. Upon reaching there, you will be able to find another gem waiting for you – Lake Tahoe. Despite being a lake, you would be surprised to find how developed the surrounding areas has become. Starting from lake and land activities to dining facilities and resorts catering to all ranges, you will definitely be able to find something there.
Therefore, when you will be finalizing all your details pertaining your trip, you might also be deciding on the places which you would like to visit. In the case of the Sierra Mountain Range, it is pretty important if you can remain prepared beforehand. This will guarantee you one of the finest and most memorable experiences you will have in your life. Also, one word of caution must be exercised. If you are planning on traveling during the winter months, then it is highly recommended that you check the weather conditions beforehand. This is because snow and storms might make the weather very unpredictable, thus limiting the transport options.
So if you are curious to find out more about this amazing trip, read on below.

Lake Tahoe

To start off the travel guide, it is best to start off with the highlight. Upon reaching your destination, you will have no trouble in finding Lake Tahoe. A color as blue as the topaz and with white peaks surrounding the whole area, you would be mesmerized by the beauty.il_fullxfull.311868484
Not only that, but you will be able to find a wide diversity of alpine resorts being located in Lake Tahoe. On the south shore of the lake, you would be able to find Heavenly, considered to be one of the largest ski resorts in the world. With such a heft tag being attached to the name, it would be quite obvious that you have high expectations from it. And thus, it would not fail to disappoint you. So even if you do not have a ski board, the resort has made sure that you do not miss out on the fun at any cost.
Now that you have a clear idea about the winter activities, it is now time to highlight some of the major summer activities. During the summer months, some of the major alpine resorts undergo a transformation. This means that they change their offerings to provide a wide range of summer activities to their customers.


When visiting the Sierra Mountain Range, you will also get the opportunity of hopping on to I-395, named to be one of the most scenic roads that you would be able to find in the whole of Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.07.13 AMCalifornia. Even though the journey will start from a deserted and sandy road, you will soon be able to find yourself facing the lake and the surrounding scenery along with it. At the end of the long and winding road, you would be able to find a lonely graveyard and a small town.
Therefore, when embarking on this journey, it is highly recommended that you bring your own food. This is because you would not be able to find any eateries nearby.  Learn more at


After Bodie I would consider heading to the Mammoth Lake Area.  Mammoth is a beautiful spot to visit year round.  Its a great town to relax find great dining and places to stay.   Austria Hof is restaurant and Hotel that has been in Mammoth forever.  They as well book other Condos in Mammoth.  So visit their sites for reservations


Myths About Real Estate

There are countless things that everyone just “knows” about real estate.

Considering that a house is usually the biggest big-ticket item the average person will ever buy or sell, it would be wise to spend some time separating the mythical from the factual.Compared to buying, renting is always a financial loss. This may be the most prevalent real estate myth. Buying produces superior financial results only when the homeowner holds on to the property for a sufficient time period.
Every real estate market has dips and bumps; these cannot be predicted or forecast. The transaction and maintenance costs of a home can require seven or more years of ownership just to reach break-even. If home-ownership causes you to miss a stellar job offering in another city, how is the cost of that calculated?A house is a good investment. Historically, the growth of home prices derives almost solely from inflation. As an asset, a house does not produce anything; the price of houses can rise only with the purchasing power of buyers. Homes do not always increase in value — countless variables affect the outcome.
A house can be considered a smart investment because costs can be locked in and made predictable, and because it can be rented out to generate income.The best mortgage deal is the fixed 30-yearThis is true if you will actually stay in the house for close to 30 years.Paying one-third of income toward the mortgage is affordable. Each homeowners situation is different. Track your current income and expenses to help determine how much you can actually pay each month.The mortgage interest tax deduction is an excellent write-off. Everyone knows interest paid on a mortgage is automatically tax deductible. However, the actual worth of the write-off must be compared to the standard deduction ($6,100 for an individual). The mortgage interest write-off is an itemized deduction. Determine for yourself if all your itemized deductions, including mortgage interest, are significantly greater than the standard deduction.The down-payment should be 20%An ideal down-payment ratio would be 20%, however, few buyers can actually afford that. Fortunately, there are alternatives. Some government programs offer qualifying borrowers very low down-payments: 3.5% for FHA and 0% for VA. Many borrowers choose to pay private mortgage insurance (PMI) so they can make a minimal, upfront down-payment; PMI is removed once the borrower has accrued sufficient home equity. It is also possible to borrow a portion of the down-payment; this higher-rate, secondary mortgage is available to homeowners with good credit.Go with the low interest rate mortgage lender. A prospective borrower must always consider transaction fees in addition to the simple loan rate.
You can use BankRate – to check the latest rates. Deb Howard and Associates to help you navigate you way.  They are centrally located in South Lake Tahoe neat Ski Run and have years of experience when it comes to Lake Tahoe Real Estate. Learn More  @

Keep Tahoe Blue – How to Clean with Natural Products

We all want to do our part to keep the lake and Tahoe Clean.   Here are some simple tips for cleaning around the house with natural products.

Cleaning is something which nobody likes doing.

It requires taking out some extra time and effort out of your already overfilled busy life. In fact, you are thinking that this time and effort could have been much better invested someplace else; in doing something that you actually love.
Coming up with excuses to get out of cleaning is pretty easy. No matter how lame or invalid it might seem, you would still put it forward. On the other hand, you will have to think about which cleaning products you will have to use as well. That is another bummer as you will need to get out and shop for these cleaning products. Not only that, but there might arise certain situations in which your desired cleaning products are sold out or out of stock. This would be enough to throw up your hands in frustration.
While it is quite true that chemical cleaning products are more effective in getting the stains removed, they are also more toxic. This is something which you would definitely have to keep in mind the next time you are engaging in some house cleaning. However, you also do not know of any alternative which you can apply.
If this news is depressing you, it should not be the case. This is because you will be able to use all-natural ingredients to get the same results as the chemical cleaning products. The best part is that majority of these items could already be found in your home. This means that you would not have to undertake the extra effort of looking for these items.

When life gives you lemons, lemon-8

one of the most obvious things you can think of is to make a huge jar of lemonade. While you are doing that, you can also make a non-toxic cleaning element. It helps in removing stains, cutting off grease, and even eliminate mold. Not only that, but it will help your house in giving the shine which it was missing for so long. To top it off, you will also have the sweet and tangy smell of lemon left behind after you are done with your cleaning. This would be enough to lift your spirits, even if it is for a short while.

Olive Oil

There is absolutely no doubt that olive oil is considered to be a great and healthier substitute for the regular cooking oil. But very few people knew that it could be used as a cleaning agent as well.
If you have some stubborn dirt and mold that you would like to get rid of, then olive oil would seem like the perfect solution. If you would like to get the grime out of your pans and pots, then just rub some salt with olive oil. In order to get scratches out of your leather, olive oil is the simple answer.

White Vinegar

Besides using white vinegar in your cooking and making salads, diversify its use as a natural cleaner. The best part is that you will be able to use it in a wide variety of uses. However, just be careful to put on rubber gloves before handling it.

We all know that people play hard in Tahoe and drag the outside inside.  When its time hire a professional carpet cleaning you can go green as well!  Hire Custom Floor Care  @ .  They use bio-degradable products to clean your carpets. They are carpets cleaners that also use bio-diesel trucks!

Getting Your Local Business Found

It is important for local business to  have a strong internet presence.   This is almost more important in a town like Lake Tahoe with most of its revenue based on tourism.    This starts with having a website, one that is mobile friendly and has the pertinent information.   A few important factors are having the phone number click to call for mobile and a google map.  Next, a business needs to be listed in Google Plus and Google Maps.  Then there are other directories that may vary due to the nature of the business.  Yelp is one of those places, most business owners have a love-hate relationship with them.   However having a listing here and keeping up with reviews is important.  Where do you start?

Where do you start? First do a search in Google for your business category, example “Carpet Cleaner in South Lake Tahoe” and review the results.  Do you see google maps, paid ads, yelp yellow pages etc.  What local competitors  on page 1, are there any FB pages for local business. Getting a feel for these things will better help you see where you need to be listed.  Now take a look at those page 1 listing, look at the google maps, do they have pics and reviews?  Do they link to their website and have a click to call button.

Vacation in South Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is considered to be the perfect vacation and wedding destination. This is because of its breathtaking scenery and terrific weather all throughout the year. Lake Tahoe is situated at the Nevada and California border. Because of this, it boasts of 300 days of sunshine and 396 inches of snowfall annually. Besides this, it also has eighteen snowboarding and ski resorts of world class quality, golf courses which will just blow your mind, and casinos. And the most beautiful attraction is undoubtedly Lake Tahoe itself. So when you are planning your next vacation to Lake Tahoe, fill up your knowledge with information about all these famous tourist attractions. In this way, not only will your trip be a memorable one, but you will be able to soak up on the beauty of Lake Tahoe to the maximum.

But when making arrangements for your next vacation to Lake Tahoe, do not forget to camp there. And the best part is that it can be done all the year round. However, you will need to keep certain tips in mind. These are as follows:

  • Make reservations

Even though you might be thinking that the time of summer would be a bad time for camping as you would get hot and sweaty and not be able to enjoy your trip. But believe it or not, even September would be a good time to go camping in Lake Tahoe. Majority of the camping sites have a tendency of becoming filled with tourists. So make sure that you get your reservations made beforehand. This is to save yourself from disappointment later on.

  • What to bring

If you have ever gone on a camping trip, you would undoubtedly have some basic information about the gear and basic equipment that you would have to bring. Some of it would include a tent, some sleeping bags, and your pajamas. The most important thing which you should not forget is a flashlight. This is because near the lake areas there is not much light. Even though camping in Lake Tahoe is not that different from camping anywhere else. But there are tons of things which you will be able to do here which will not be available anywhere else.

For instance, if you are planning to camp by the lake, do not forget to bring all your fishing gear. There are a lot of great places to go for hiking in Lake Tahoe. So make sure that you come prepared for that as well.

  • Campfire permit

Some of the places require a permit to be taken before starting a campfire. So make sure you attain that to save yourself from trouble later on.

  • Get there early

It is always a good idea to get there early. In other words, try to reach there while it is still daylight. In this way, you will be able to set everything up before dark.

  • Bring a bucket

Most of the streams, lakes, and running water around there need to remain pure. They also do not give you the permission to wash your clothes. So with a bucket, you will at least be able to wash your clothes with a sponge.

  • Have a backup plan

Like every sensible person, you should always have a backup plan in place. In this way, you will not be losing out on everything.

We hope you found this information useful.  We hope you enjoy your stay in South Lake Tahoe.  If you are looking for a Beachfront hotel in Lake Tahoe.  Check out Tahoe Lakeshore Lodge and Spa.